In Pakistan, many people are fond of going out for adventures, such as hiking and camping in northern areas, but most of them face problem as there is a dearth of camping tents which can meet the requirements. Campers mainly need tents which are portable and easy to set up. These tents should also be environmental friendly and durable. There is great need for a solar powered tent which could also provide electricity for climbers to recharge their equipment. If made, this solar powered tent could illuminate the tent at night by the energy it had stored in the day. The tent would also have a battery, to store solar power for further recharging devices. This can solve the power problem while travelling and provide cheap and easy energy. It would also be free and the campers can charge their electronic devices. There is no lack of solar energy so this could be used anywhere in the world. It can become very useful for refugee camps and for military camps all over the world. Keeping in view all these benefits, the solar powered tent could become an ideal and cheap source of energy during camping.


Lahore, May 16.