Federal and provincial governments each have huge fleets of vehicles, including luxury cars for protocol, which consume huge quantity of petrol every month. With fuel so expensive, this heavy toll on a poor countries exchequer seems blatant display of wealth we do not have! Why is it that our political leaders, who know what the country is going through, do not take part in saving this country from further debt? These extravagant bills are passed on to the poor masses, in the shape of GST and extra charges on electricity and gas bills. I am all in favour of democracy, but our leaders need to act like democratically elected, responsible members, of the nation rather than plunderers and pirates, out to get what they can! The government did display some kind of fuel saving measures, which were being taken at the national and provincial levels for ensuring the oil import bills were kept under check. The money saved through adoption of some fuel saving measures by the federal and provincial governments could be utilized for providing better facilities and amenities to the people or at best on providing subsidy on essential eatable items whose prices have soared.


Lahore, May 15.