Despite tall claims by the Punjab government regarding improvement in law and order situation, citizens are at the mercy of robbers and bandits who audaciously plunder and deprive people of their hard-earned money, even in the broad daylight.

On the other hand, the police appear to have been in “tacit agreement” with the bandits and don’t bother to take remedial steps to provide the public with a sense of security.

As per details, district Kasur is in the grip of heinous crimes these days and there is no one on the part of Police Department or elected parliamentarian to wake to the sufferings of the masses and rise to the worst situation. Daylight robberies, theft and snatching incidents have become order of the day. People in general and business community in particular has expressed their concern over “the slumber” of the police. They demanded the Lahore High Court Chief Justice, Punjab Chief Minister Shahbaz Sharif, the Punjab Inspector General of Police and the Regional Police Officer to take notice of the ever-increasing crime. They emphasised the need for a strict scrutiny of the police officers posted in different police stations to punish those officials who were backing criminals and mafias. The gravity of the situation can be gauged from rampant spread gambling and drug dens and illegal arms dealers besides the alarming increase in the robbery and theft incidents. However, despite hue and cry of the public regarding the worst law and order, the police seem in no hurry to spring into action and control the crimes taking place right under its nose.

A few days back renowned farmer of the town was deprived of Rs500,000 on Railway Road after withdrawing the amount from a nearby bank.

He was getting into his car but was held by two bandits riding a motorcyclist. They snatched the money from him comfortably and fled away while firing into the air.

The police were immediately called in but as usual it reached the crime scene after an hour. A cellphone company’s salesman was looted in the area of Basti Santoksar where he had gone for recovery. He was deprived of Rs250,000. A house on Khara Road and a cellphone shop in Purana Larri Adda area were also struck by the “mighty” bandits who made off with precious items worth hundreds of thousands of rupees.

Even a mosque in Deerke Chak-9 was looted from where unidentified thieves took away UPS and battery. The list of crimes is getting big with each passing which is jarring at the Police Department. Local social and political circles have expressed concern over the worst lawlessness and urged the Police high-ups to take notice of the situation. They also questioned the performance of the police and demanded the posting of honest and professional officers to curb the crime.

They also stressed that it was high time for the Punjab government to wake up from its slumber and provide protection to the life and property of its citizens.  Meanwhile, this correspondent made several attempts to contact Kasur DPO Rai Babar Saeed for his comment but he did not pick calls on cellphone.