Charli XCX likes to freak people out when she’s on stage. Dancing comes easily to the British popstar, and she often adds some signature moves to her gigs.

There are a lot of advantages to having a little boogie, including avoiding conversation. “Dance at all parties. This is a life rule I only began to appreciate after an awards ceremony the other month. I got to the party and danced for three hours straight. It was amazing! It was like a free drug,” Charli smiled to Q.

“It puts you in such a good mood. The other good thing about dancing is, generally, you don’t have to talk to other people, which is another bonus.

What if no one else is dancing? You start it! It’s a risk, but one worth taking.” Since her 2014 hit Boom Clap Charli has become one of the most exciting singers on the scene.

She counts Iggy Azalea and Rita Ora as previous collaborators, and opened up for Katy Perry on the European leg of her The Prismatic World Tour earlier this year. “Freak people out,” Charli noted of another of her life rules. “I generally do this onstage. I make weird faces, sweat a lot and show my pants. If everyone let go they’d feel more alive. When I supported Katy Perry there was an area in the crowd for VIPs who are so close to the stage they can see up your skirt. It’s so funny because you can see it really gets the kids’ dads! They go on edge: ‘Oh my god, what’s happening.