Sam Smith thinks it’s a shame that outrageous stars get the most attention.

The singer has become immensely popular with his soulful voice and his album In the Lonely Hour hit the number one spot in several countries.

He’s always known he wanted to make it big but wasn’t sure if his brand of celebrity stood a chance in such a competitive industry.

“Since I was eight, I’ve dreamed of being successful with my music,” he explained to the German edition of Glamour magazine. “When I finished the album, I sensed it was something really special. But that doesn’t automatically mean you’ll be successful these days.

“In the music business, there’s often this feeling you should also get attention by looking edgy, showing lots of skin and entertaining scandals.

But I can’t and won’t offer that. I want my music to be enough to make people listen. Musicians like me are sadly in the minority, it’s the scandalous celebrities that run this business.”

Sam is refreshingly honest in his songs, crooning about one-night-stands and lost loves. He’s openly gay and is happy to address that through his music.

“My songs are primarily about personal feelings and experiences that I’ve had,” he revealed. “Of course love is an important part of that, I enjoy being in love. Unfortunately there are also periods of disappointment, I’m an expert in heartache. But these feelings evoke the perfect ideas for lyrics, that’s always been the case.”