Islamabad - Lack of facilities in cooperative housing societies located in the surroundings of Islamabad Expressway is causing annoyance for the residents.

The residents of the societies are faced with the critical problems like shortage of water, damaged roads and weak security system.

These societies are supervised by poor management, which does not pay attention to problems of the residents.

The management charge their full society monthly dues from inhabitants but do not care of their problems due to which the citizen have became disappointed.

Ahmad Yar, a resident of Jinnah Garden near Expressway said, “We heard that this society has all facilities but when we became resident, the administration of the society neglect our issues.”

The condition of the streets of these societies is very poor, especially in rainy weather it became more adverse, Ahmad added.

Nawaz Khan, an another resident of Airport society said the management of these societies are looting the residents with both hands in return of providing the low standard facilities. The societies do not provide water regularly which is basic need of the people so we have to wait for a week long to get water.

“Often we have to use water tankers to fulfil our needs, which cost much more money to the residents,” he said.

Prof Ejaz Baloch and Mehar Tanvir, residents of PWD society said, the society administration has failed in resolving the grave issues of the people of this area.

The dilapidated condition of the roads, they said, was an example of the lethargic attitude of the town authorities. In addition, commuters have to face hardships due to decaying condition of the road, they said.

Muhammad Yaqub and Haji Rashid, residents of the Sawan Garden situated on Islamabad Expressway told this scribe that the housing scheme comprises more than 1,000 houses. There is not a single park, hospital or playground.

The patients have to be carried miles away for check up in case of emergency, they said. They accused the administration of this land for selling the plots reserved for dispensary, school and park.

There is no place to say funeral prayers, they added.

When contacted to a representative of the society, he informed that these are long standing issues need to be addressed and new management would resolve the problems on priority basis. The residents of all societies urged the concerned authorities to keep check and balance on management of the societies and also pay full attention to resolve the long-standing issues of these areas.