Gul Hamaad Farooqi


Four persons were killed by a landslide after lightning struck the area in Sheshi Koh valley, some 50-km away from here.

According to the Drosh Police, lightning hit the house of Dilawar Khan and others at in the wee hours during rain at Parot Goal and Chinar Goal villages of Sheshi Koh valley. As a result tremendous landslide took place from the nearby mountain which buried the house of Dilawar. Resultantly, Dilawar Khan, son of Shereena Khan, Khan Bibi, wife of Meena Khan, two real brothers - Fazal Rahim and Israr Khan, sons of Muhammad Ameen were killed.

Local volunteers recovered the dead bodies from under the debris while the dead body of Dilawar was recovered late in the afternoon on Sunday. Later, the deceased were laid to rest at Sheshi valley.