Islamabad - The e-tag system introduced by National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) to ease the traffic congestion at Motorway toll plazas could not achieve the desired results as still long queues of vehicles can be seen at Islamabad and Lahore plazas.

The situation becomes more severe on weekends, holidays and ‘Eids’, as mobility increases by manifold as people travel to and from their hometowns in thousands.

The commuters having e-tags on their wind screen are get stuck up far behind from these Toll Plazas making the facility useless for them because clearance is made after the screening of these vehicles at entry and exit points.

Rehan Iqbal, a motorist waiting in long queue on Islamabad toll booth said, “We pre-pay for e-tag just to save our precious time, but all goes in vain when we remain stuck up in traffic congestion for so long.” He said that the concerned authorities should pay the attention towards the issue and take immediate steps to resolve it.

He proposed to separate the e-tag lane at least three miles before the tollgate or make additional booths for e-tag vehicles. Nauman, another motorist said, “The widening of toll plazas involves the operational challenges, time and financial constraints and it will be more feasible for the authorities to increase the number of toll booths at the existing toll gates, besides deploying sufficient number of efficient staff.”

An official of e-tag department said that e-tag vehicles pass through the tool gate without any pause at the M-1 (Peshawar-Islamabad) and the clogging is only witnessed at the M-2 (Lahore-Islamabad). He said that there were almost 0.3 million registered users of e-tag and the congestion issue was in their notice and work on the issue to get it resolved was under consideration.