Rawalpindi  - Rawalpindi Police in its crackdowns against anti-social elements netted eight lawbreakers including three gamblers and a fireworks dealer and recovered 400 grams hashish, 500 bottles of liquor, one pistol 30 bore with two rounds, fireworks items, cash stake money amounting to Rs 6230 and four mobile phones from the possession of the accused. According to Rawalpindi police spokesman, Gujar Khan police arrested Hafiz and Tariq and recovered 500 bottles of liquor from their custody.

Pirwadhai police acting on a tip-off conducted a raid and netted three gamblers namely Ahsan, Jameel and Faraz as they were allegedly involved in betting on a cricket match. Police recovered cash stake money mounting to Rs 6230, four mobile phones and other items. Meanwhile, City police on the directives of City Police Officer  (CPO) Rawalpindi Israr Ahmed Khan Abbasi raided in Gungmandi Mor area and held a fireworks dealer namely Kamran and seized huge quantity of fireworks items. Other accused were nabbed with illegal weapons and drugs.

Meanwhile, Rawalpindi Police have arrested 24 persons for violating renting rules and wall-chalking ban from different areas of the district. According to Rawalpindi police spokesman, Taxila police held Rastum, Tahir, Afzal and Zahid while Gujar Khan police booked Abdul Manan and Hussain.

Jatli police sent behind the bars Hazrat Khan, Misbah, Usman, Javed,

Farooq and Shaheen on renting rules violation. Similarly, Saddar Baroni police nabbed Ansar, Nadeem and Wasir as the accused did not pass on the police required particulars about their tenants.

Rattaamral police registered cases against Akram Ullah, Umar and

Bilal while Westridge police filed a case against Saeed, owner of Fatima Jewellers and Hassan, the owner of Lal Jewellers.

Another case was registered against owner of Ali Jewellers namely

Alam. Haider, the owner of Tariq Jewellers was also booked on the rules violation.

Race Course police on violation of wall chalking ban registered cases against Rana Sohail and Ahsan.