MUZAFFARABAD - Finance Minister Azad Jammu Kashmir Chaudhary Lateef Akbar has said the PPP government has revolutionised education system of Azad Jammu and Kashmir. He said the incumbent PPP government established three medical colleges and universities in different areas of AJK.

Speaking at the inauguration ceremony of "Cloud 15 Olymad" programme organised by the Department of Software Engineering University of Azad Jammu Kashmir (UAJK), he said the opportunities of modern and quality education, which are available for students at their doorsteps today, could not be imagined in the past. "The PPP government of AJK has set up medical colleges in Muzaffarabad, Rawalakot and Mirpur and university campuses at Neelum and other areas aimed at providing standard technical and general education opportunities to the people of AJK," he claimed.

He also urged teachers to focus on character building of students besides their educational grooming as younger generation has to take over the rein of country in future. He appreciated vice chancellor UAJK for introducing extra-curricular activities in the campus for promotion of science and technology and arts. The minister who also holds the portfolio of the Ministry of Planning and Development claimed that AJK government remove all hurdles impeding in the way of better education.

"We cannot attain any status in the comity of nations without excelling in higher education," he urged while advising students to concentrate on their target.

Voice Chancellor Professor Dilnawaz Gurdezi said that UAJK was striving to provide quality education to the students of AJK. "Our sustainable development lies in achieving expertise in science and technology," he said, adding holding of a three-day programme in software engineering has been a proof of promotion of science and technology-oriented activities in the campus," he added.