Hundreds of passengers of Mehr Express bound for Multan remained stranded for almost two hours in Saturday night at Jhamat Railway Station when the local people blocked rail line as a protest against the cancellation of stopovers of trains a the station.

They were protesting against the cancellation of stopovers of Khushal Express at Jhamat Railway Station. More than 200 people had gathered there and blocked the railway line. The residents of Jhamat and surrounding areas blocked the railway line at Jhamat Railway Station and did not allow Mehr Express to proceed further. It runs on the route from Rawalpindi to Multan. The protestors kept blocked the railway line for almost two hours demanding restoration of Stopovers of Khushal Express at the station. They said most of the people depend on trains running on the route for travelling and the cancellation of stoppage of Khushal Express had caused lot of inconvenience to the people.

The Divisional Superintendent Railways was informed about the situation and he, through telephone, held negotiations with the protesters and promised to restore the stopover within three days.

The protestors then opened the railway line for Mehr Express which left for its destination after delay of almost two hours. They threatened to block the railway line again if the promise was reneged on. The passengers on board included women, children and elderly people who faced inconvenience during the protest. Jhamat is a remote area almost 95 km away from Attock and the people depend on travelling by trains.