In promoting community sense it is our obligation to encompass society around us. In short it is obvious that for establishing this circle we have to communicate others. Text messaging is one of the fastest ways of the communication. In a rapidly progressing world, technology has brought social club an easy and effective way to communicate with one another through the use of textbook electronic messaging. With text messaging, anyone can send a written subject matter electronically to anyone in the world who possesses a device that has a “texting” function. The intellect why text messaging is so popular is because it provides an easier form of communication that requires much less campaign than all past tense forms of communication. 

Text messaging can have both positive and negative central part on those who use it. If a person heavily relies on school text messaging as their source of communication they will find negative effects on their beater science, grammatical and word list attainment, cognitive skills, and their ability to conduct sincere conversation. 

In a modern universe, children grow up with the privilege of having text messaging as an easy way to communicate with others; however those children will struggle to develop communication skills in a real spirit story sociable setting if the rely on texting too often. It is necessity to learn how to effectively communicate with others in face-to-face quarters. The extent to which children and Young people have ability of good social skills can influence their academic implementation, behavior, social and family relationships, and connection in extracurricular natural action. 

There are many causes which are good and bad for our society. Business of post office is running short texting and driving has become a serious problem and is very dangerous. Using short hand while texting we have been for getting that those things cannot be used in the formal writing. There is also a limit of how many characters can be sent in text messages, so if you want to have a long conversation with someone it is better to just call then or discuss the matter in person. 

Constant text adds to it teen’s level of anxiety and stress, which can be hindering his ability to sleep. This habit promotes poor writing. Two people can have a conversation without having to speech which eliminates the risk of someone over hearing if it is in public, it is possible to have multiple conversations with multiple people simultaneously. People have more confident when texting which allow them to be bold and say things bier they would not necessarily say in person. On the positive English. text electronic messaging is utilized as a root age of information. Many credit card companies provide SMS reminders on upcoming due escort. With the increased popularity of cell phones with net capableness, masses would be able to pay their bills upon receiving the alert. 

Many experts agree that text messaging has served more bad than good, especially to the teenage population. There are obvious safety concerns, especially with recent proposition to ban text messaging while driving. Even while walking. people have most of their aid to typewriting their message, instead of what’s ahead of them. 


Lahore, May 11.