Fruits are loved by everybody .They are extremely good for our health as they are loaded with vitamins and other nutrient s that are essential for our growth . However the health benefits of fruits are being threatened by human greed. Most of us think that eating fruits and vegetables can be nothing but healthy but there are hidden dangers in many common fruits. Poison that make you sick , Paralyze and even kill you lurk behind some of our favorites. 

I want to draw the attention of all people towards the use of a highly poisonous and carcinogen chemical “calcium carbide” normally known as white powder in the ripening of fruits . Calcium carbide is a chemiacal compound that is industrially used in the production of calcium cyanamide for fertilizer and also in welding. The chemical is known to have harmful effect on the human body calcium carbide known as carcinogen , a cancer producing chemical. 

In resents months, the Punjab Health Authority has started to check unhygienic fruits , However the use of calcium carbide to artificially ripen fruits remains unchecked. Calcium carbide is banned under PFA rule 1955. 

The fruits that are ripened with calcium carbide become soft , inferior in taste and toxic . these fruits can cause stomach upset , besides affecting the neurological system , memory loss, headache , confusion and seizures. 


Lahore, May 17.