This is in reference to a news story published in a national daily regarding a ban on carbonated drinks for children under 18. It is the right move on part of Punjab Food Authority to save future generations from adverse effects of soft beverages which is already banned in many other parts of the world. There are few points that need consideration for practical application of this ban. First of all, the elders will have to stop bringing these drinks to house. We cannot teach anything to children until we practice it.

How can the children be barred when they see their parents drinking harmful beverages? Secondly, most of fast food chains offer complimentary drinks with burgers and pizzas etc. They should offer heathy drinks like juices and flavoured milk instead. Above all, laws are ineffective until they are implemented. The government has to ensure that the policy made for schools preventing them the sale of carbonated drinks and junk food on canteens is implemented in letter and spirit.


Lahore, May 17.