The purpose of drone attack is to eliminate terrorists and to create peace as stated by the USA government but actually there is a contradiction between their point of view and ground reality. If they really want to eliminate terrorism then why are they targeting innocent Muslims? The London-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism estimates the death toll to between 2,627 and 3,457 in Pakistan caused by the drones, mostly civilians as the militants were able to hide.

The overall objective of drone attacks is to create fear among the citizens of Northwest Pakistan. I believe the US must stop these predators because they kill innocent citizens in collateral damage and increase the pressure on Pakistan Army who is fighting the Taliban by swelling the ranks of those who fight it for revenge. Debate within the US about the use of killer drones has obfuscated the real purpose of these attacks.

Killing of Hakimullah Mehsood at the time when Taliban were ready for “peace talk” is a proof that these drones are against the peace of Pakistan. The US’ officials pretended to eliminate terrorism but they are actually spread more terrorism. In the coming days, due to the official support the drone attacks might spread all across. This act will only bring more disasters not peace.


Lahore, November 14.