Our Staff Reporter


Protection of life, honour and property of public is the prime responsibility of the police and the police officers will have to be extra vigilant to pre-empt all crime and terror attempts, said DPO Rai Zamreeul Haq here.

Speaking at an open court here at Tehsil Alipur, he directed the police officer and officials to ensure peace and tranquillity in the respective areas. He reminded the officers that that though the police duty was challenging and wrought with dangers, it was worship if performed with devotion and sincerity.

Mr Haq said that nowadays the whole country was facing terrorism and sabotage activities and the supreme sacrifices offered by police officers and jawans in the recent incidents were unprecedented. The DPO pointed out that no society could progress without rule of law and directed the police officers to strive for establishing writ of the law.

He urged the owners of unregistered vehicles to register their vehicles registered before November 30, otherwise all such vehicles would be impounded.

The DPO informed that the district police arrested 1251 proclaimed absconders and 32 criminals were killed in shootouts with police. Mr Haq revealed that the police also seized 30 Kalashnikovs, 30 rifles, 16 shotguns, 371 pistols, 2969 cartridges, 52 carbine, 52 grams of hashish and 70 grams of heroin from anti-social elements and registered cases against them.