LAHORE - Punjab government has accused PTI Chairman Imran Khan of acting in league with the terrorists to create unrest in the country on November 30th when Imran has called the people from all over the country to gather in Islamabad.

Addressing a Press conference here on Monday, the spokesman of the Punjab Government Syed Zaeem Qadri asked Imran Khan to answer why he has segregated himself from the nation on Zarb-e-Azb operation. He said that Imran Khan is also disinterested in aiding the IDPs rather his PTI government in KPK is impeding the Punjab govt efforts by misappropriating relief goods which created unrest among the IDPs.

He asked the KPK government to change its attitude and give compensation of Rs five lakh to each of the injured IDP.

On the PTI November 30th gathering in Islamabad, he said it has been planned to disturb the peace with the help of terrorists but the government would establish its writ under all circumstances.

He said PTI is no more a political but fascist party which is evident from Imran Khan’s call to his activists to besiege the police stations on November 30th.

He also lambasted Imran Khan for accusing the media persons of corruption and said no person and institution is spared from the disgracing words of Imran Khan.

He challenged Imran Khan to prove his allegations and he would accept punishment he suggested for him.  Zaeem said Information Minister Pervaiz Rashid on Sunday exposed the lies Imran Khan has been telling and established the facts with the support of video clips that it was Imran Khan who backed terrorists who attacked PTV and Parliament building.

He said Imran Khan was planning to create chaos in the country. He criticised the performance of KPK govt and said that why not it has so far arrested 100 prisoners who got released from the Bannu jail and the killers of minority members. He asked who is beneficiary of the three hydel energy projects which were excluded from the official list of 11 projects and shifted to IPPs mode. As to Dr Tahirul Qadri, he said he gave preference to the renewal of his Canadian passport over the revolution.

He said that Islamabad dharna over the 94 days s caused loss of billions to the government and Rs four billion only on security provided by the police.

To a question as to why not the government is taking Imran Khan into custody when warrants of arrest against him have also been issued, he said it is matter between the court and the police which have to execute the warrants and the government stands by obedience to the court orders.

He said that the PML-N government is showing patience and restraint.

As to the arrest of Dr Qadri on his arrival to the country, he said no decision to this effect has been taken so far and this measure depends on the attitude of Qadri. When asked why not Model Town culprits have been taken into custody so far, he said one police person is in custody while three others are absconders and efforts are on to arrest them.