LAHORE: The Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Oncology (INMOL) started celebrations to mark its 30 years of completion in Lahore.

INMOL Director Dr Abu Bakar Shahid arranged a dinner in the honor of doctors, scientist, ex-directors and staff.  Founder Director INMOL Dr Maqbool Ahmad Shahid told that 5 medical centers have started working in different parts of Pakistan, INMOL was one of them. INMOL started working at April 10, 1984.  Former director Dr Saeeda Asghar told about how INMOL progressed and being modernised. He told International Atomic Energy Agency Declares INMOL center of Excellence and Referral Center for Asia Pacific. Director Medical Center Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission Dr Fayyaz Ahmad was of the view that INMOL is largest medical center of Pakistan Atomic Energy Commission and doing best in this region of Pakistan.  Director INMOL Dr Abu Baker Shahid thanked all staff and guests on their participation.  In the end, Dr Fayyaz Ahmad distributed shields among the head of departments of INMOL.–Staff Reporter