Baqaul Mohsen


Former Punjab governor and Pakistan People’s Party leader Makhdoom Ahmad Mehmood asserted on Monday that if Imran Khan thought he could grab Larkana (politically) then he was labouring under the delusion as first he (Imran) would have to render as much sacrifices as the PPP had to won Larkana.

“Though Imran Khan is my personal, I do not agree with his ideology.”

Addressing a press conference here, Mr Mehmood claimed that the resources of Bahawalpur under the NFC award were being spent on Rawalpindi-Islamabad Metro Bus Project. He pointed out that if there was any political party which represented the Southern Punjab it was PPP, adding that the party was the only secular political party that was on the target list of Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP).

The former governor informed that the PPP had set 50,000 memberships target for every provincial constituency of Bahawalpur Division. He emphasised that all-out efforts would be made for the restoration of Bahawalpur Province. “After the passage of a resolution in the Punjab and National assemblies, all lawmakers from the Bahawalpur division should play their role for its implementation,” Mr Mehmood stressed.

The PPP stalwart recalled that he had represented the movement for the restoration of Bahawalpur provincial status both in the Punjab and National assemblies, adding that “some people” had used the platform of the movement to become political leaders.

The former governor said that he would again visit Bahawalpur December 8, for the party’s membership campaign at union council level.

He elaborated that despite serious reservations about rigging in 2013 general elections, the PPP would support the PML-N government to save democracy from derailment and strengthen system, adding that his own son lost the elections due to rigging but rather than raving and ranting, they were struggling strengthening the democracy in the country.

The PPP leader stated that his party wanted electoral reforms to be done and local bodies elections should also be conducted after reforms. Mr Mehmood suggested the issuance of Professional Finance Award to eliminate sense of deprivation from southern Punjab.

He claimed that in the Punjab Assembly, he was mocked for presenting the resolution for the restoration of Bahawalpur Province, adding that the credit for the passage of the resolution must be given to the PPP while the PML-N backed the resolution only due to pressure.

To a question, Mr Mehmood said that the Pakistan People’s Party was a strong political party and nobody could deny this fact. He regretted that it was not right to call political leaders with bad names at public gatherings. One hand, Imran Khan mentions elected public representatives with bad names while on the other he is quiet about Taliban,” he questioned, adding that what kind of message Imran Khan wanted to deliver to the nation? The former governor emphasised that all and sundry should thinking positive and give respect to all leaders.