Islamabad - The sale of quilts and blankets has increased in the twin cities of Islamabad and Rawalpindi as the winter has set in.

A large number of people are witnessed buying woollies, quilts, blankets and warm clothes from the markets of the twin cities including Aabpara, Karachi Company, Peshawar Mor, Raja Bazaar, Saddar and Commercial Market. Shopkeepers at various markets were offering varieties of quilts to attract the Shoppers.

Talking to APP, Rehan, a shopkeeper, said that there was a great demand for quilts, hoping that he would earn handsome money in present season by selling quilts and blankets.

Naveed, a costumer, said that he had come to the market to take a traditional quilt but due to fall in temperature, the prices of quilts and blankets had gone up. He said that most of the people thronged the weekly bazaars to get winter commodities as the used quilts, blankets and rugs were on sale in the weekly bazaars of the capital.

 Naveed said that he couldn’t afford to buy a new quilt or blanket from market while these were available in weekly bazaars against low charges.