KARACHI - International Foundation for Electoral System (IFES) in its preliminary report on post-election adjuratory mechanisms noted that despite 18 February 2008 election, an uncertainty and doubts shroud the future prospects for the current PPP led coalition government to serve its full five year term. IFES, a non-government organization, in its report says that due to uncertainty and doubts about the present coalition government, it seems possible that general election in Pakistan might be held before the five years tenure of government. International Foundation for Electoral System was funded primarily by the United States, Bureau of Democracy, Human Rights and labour to capacity building with the Election Commission of Pakistan. International Foundation for Electoral System in its preliminary report on post election tribunal also pointed out that different political parties filed 295 numbers of petitions with the election tribunal relating to National Assembly and provincial assemblies seats. Pakistan Peoples ruling party, which was opposition before the 18 February election, filed highest petitions 86 in post-election tribunal and PML (Q) which was ruling party before holding of 18th February election filed over all 56 petitions in post-election tribunal on national assembly and provincial assemblies seats. PML (N) which is ruling party after 18th February 2008 election in the Punjab province filed 37 election petition in post election tribunals, ANP ruling party in NWFP filed 14 election petitions, JUI (F) led by Moulana Fazal Rehman which was ruling party before holding 18 February election in NWFP and now ruling coalition in partner of PPP government in federal government had filed 9 election petitions. MQM, coalitions partner of PML (Q) in previous regime and now coalition partner of PPP in the Sindh government, had filed least petitions in post election tribunal 8 compared to other political parties, while other independent and other political parties have filed 48 petitions in post election tribunals.