I see the cricket controversy as causing more problems. The current players in the team are on merit bases but I think their performance will be affected under the command of the new captain. He should not have been selected in the first place. The only acceptable reason for making him the captain is his age. He is 36 years old, on the verge of retirement yet the cricket board selected him as the captain. We have serious seniority issues. His inclusion in the team as a comeback player with good performance would have been acceptable, but how does he qualify for captaincy? He is rejoining after quite a while and not sure how is he going to perform? In my opinion ideally, (but necessarily) our captain should be the top player in the squad who possesses the ability to lead the team. He should be a guy whos job is not merely to ensure discipline in the field but also off the field. Pakistan needs a captain who can keep the players mentally relaxed under the circumstances recently faced by the team. This guy hardly qualifies for a spot in the team and PCB management has made him the captain, an arguable decision. S. FARAH ABBAS NAQVI, Karachi, October 16.