Former army chief Mirza Aslam Beg lauded Irans ability in safeguarding its sovereignty and territorial integrity, and called on Islamabad to model on Iran in defending the country. We should learn from Iran how to safeguard our borders, Aslam Beg told FARS News Agency (FNA) in Islamabad on Sunday. He criticised the Pakistani authorities approach towards NATO attacks on Pakistans soil, and stated, NATO has not only trespassed on Pakistans borders, but also martyred a number of its security forces in that incident. Therefore, Pakistan shouldnt allow NATO to conduct any more activity (in the country). He stressed: If this incident had happened in any other country, it would not have allowed the NATO forces to pass through its territories, but our rulers have given them the passage. Beg underlined the Pakistani Armys capability to repel any forging threat, and asked Islamabad to show a stronger stance in dealing with the NATO and western troops aggressions and disrespect for Pakistan.