LONDON PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif on Sunday advised President Asif Ali Zardari not to start a clash with the Supreme Court, warning that any conflict would prove costly to him. Continuing his tirade against him, Nawaz accused President Zardari of tarnishing Pakistans image, saying that he (Zardari) was misusing democracy. Addressing a news conference in London, Nawaz asked Zardari not to try to damage the country just for his own interests. The President had enjoyed good understanding with the 'Dogar Court, and, therefore, he had not accepted the present judiciary, Nawaz alleged, adding that corruption cases would always haunt Zardari. Being the only available solution, Nawaz said, Zardari should seek apology from the nation and return the looted money back to the people. The PML-N Quaid accused some close aides of the President of forcing him into a collision with the judiciary for protecting their own interests. He pointed to the attempts being made to jeopardise the democracy and damaging the state institutions but vowed to foil all such conspiracies, saying that the government would not have to clarify about the judges restoration notification if it had some respectability and good standing. Nawaz, while discussing the issue of NAB Chairmans appointment, said he had thoroughly read the reference filed against governments decision by Ch Nisar Ali which he did on his (Nawaz) instructions. He said he was presenting another suggestion in the shape of 'Charter of Pakistan for the country, owned by everyone including the Army, judiciary, civil society, media, lawyers and ordinary people. He urged all the parties and the people to sit together so as to formulate an agenda for the next 25 years. He further said everyone, including those who had imposed martial law in the country and the courts legalising the move, would have to abide by that charter. He said democracy was not a pretext to hide ones wrongdoings, adding that if President Zardari had held Gen (r) Pervez Musharraf accountable, he would not have to face a complete confusion. Failure to bring murderers of Nawab Akbar Bugti to justice was the main reason for the instability of Balochistan, he stated. The PML-N Chief said despite the fact that Zardari had broken three accords before assuming the office of the head of the state, he himself visited the Presidency for congratulating him. He claimed that the 2008 general elections had been rigged, as the close associates of Musharraf tried their level best to keep them out of the Parliament by using every wrong method. He opined that had the polls been free and fair, the PML-N would have obtained a clear majority in the Parliament, saying that they had not raised the issue of engineered polls just for the sake of national interest and moved forward with the PPP but Zardari broke every promise. Nawaz said, As we ourselves have failed to deliver in helping the flood affectees, therefore we cannot point at others failure. He mentioned the lukewarm response of the international community but he also thanked all the countries which came forward in the hour of need. Replying to a question, Nawaz said the Lal Majid issue could have been resolved amicably but unnecessary blood was shed in the federal capital. He asked the print and electronic media to realise its responsibilities and avoid flashing unauthentic news items.