LAHORE - In continuation with his diatribe against political opponents, Federal Minister for Law, Dr Babar Awan on Sunday criticised the judiciary, the PML-N leadership and others in a satirical tone, as he spoke in terms of 'hints and nods, without naming any body. He was critical of the judiciary for not taking up the famous Asghar Khan Case, involving some PML-N leaders, and other cases of emergency nature pertaining to innocent prisoners and hardened criminals pending in courts for several years. By saying so, he was trying to prove the point that judiciary was doing selective accountability of only one political party, the PPP. I wish the court would take up Asghar Khan Case some night and also those of land mafia, innocent prisoners and others booked under charges of murder, he told a news conference at the residence of PPPs Punjab Information Secretary, Dr Fakhruddin Ch at Rewaaz Gardens where he had gone to condole the death of latters brother, Tariq Slahuddin. Local party leaders, including Azizur Rehman Chan, Malik Hafeezur Rehman, Zekria Butt and Iqal Sialvi were present on the occasion. He was of the view that people had no interest in political cases. Babar Awan told reporters that only Parliament had the right to make, amend and revoke the Constitution, and no other institution had the right to do so. Addressing the judiciary, he said that where were the Supreme Court and the Lahore High Court when PML-N chief Mian Nawaz Sharif returned to the country and was extradited forcefully; and when the same happened with his younger brother, Mian Shahbaz Sharif. No body did any thing at that time, he further stated. Mr Awan believed that some civil servants were doing politics and conspiring against the present political set up while hiding in their respective institutions. The existing service structure of Pakistan does not allow serving civil servants to take part in politics, and the constitution is also clear about it, he said, adding that according to the constitution, a civil servant has to wait for two years after leaving his constitutional office to take part in politics. In what appeared to be an implicit reference to PML-N leadership, Awan said, that some of his friends had developed the passion to do politics while hiding themselves behind certain institutions. Those who assure everybody that we are with you, are not leaders at all, he said, adding, When such a leader moves forward, he finds no body behind him. He said some leaders were following dual standards in politics. On the one hand, they apologise for derogatory remarks of their party men, and on the other, they ask Chh-ota (a derogatory word for politician lower in position) to call name, he commented on a recent telephonic conversation between PM Gilani and Shahbaz Sharif. Babar lamented that country had always been pushed behind through unconstitutional means. He, however, said that power lay with the people, and no body could stand in their way whether he was some one sitting overseas or some paid civil servant sitting at home. Those who got late, will have to wait, he remarked hinting at those parties who did not take part in 2008 general elections. He said no body could decide countrys fate through guess work or making predictions; as the same would be decided only by peoples votes. He said that government had convened sessions of National Assembly and Senate on November 1 to discuss political situation, and if the need be, a joint sitting of the two Houses, may be called after Moharram for legislation. To a question, he denied that convening of sessions of the Parliament had anything to do with the administrative order regarding restoration of deposed judges. He lamented that some people made fun of the Punjabi language he spoke in Sialkot on Saturday. He said it was highly unfair to ridicule a mother tongue which was also the language of Sufi saints and poets like Bullay Shah, Sultan Bahoo and Pir Mehr Ali Shah. Talking about the various happenings on the political front and the talk of change, he said this was not because PPP, democracy or the system was week; it rather meant that for the first time a democratic government was in place. Speaking in the context of Kamal Azfars notification on Sunday, the law minister said he was glad to see that after other government departments like PM Secretariat, the Presidency, hospitals, PIA and railways, which remain open at night and even on holidays, now the courts also remain open at night. He termed it a good omen for the lawyers.