ISLAMABAD The administration of the Capital Development Authority (CDA) has imposed a ban of six-month on allotment of government accommodations on CDA pool under general waiting list and special out-of-turn quota reserved for Authoritys Chairman. An official said the ban was imposed due to unprecedented pressure of the politicians and other influential people, who, according to him, was badly hampering the routine work of the administration of the civic body. The administration is under severe pressure regarding allotment of accommodation, as there is no vacant house left, whereas the number of applicants on the waiting list is rising with each passing day, he added. According to available data for 15,000 employees of the civic body, 13,000 employees from grade 1-16 and 2,000 from grade 17-22, only 2,100 houses are available. The general waiting list (seniority list) has been reached to a level of 4,000 that further aggravated the situation. A senior official of CDAs Administration Directorate said that the houses on CDA pool had been pre-occupied till the year 2016 subject to vacation, while the directorate concerned was receiving more and more applications of allotments from Authoritys employees. Already hundreds of cases between the employees have been laying pending with the courts regarding the issues pertaining to the vacation and occupation of houses. Due to the wide gap between demand and availability of government houses/quarters, every applicant tries to approach the Chairman and other concerned officials with letters and phone calls of influential politicians. This put immense pressure on the administration of the Authority to impose the ban on allotment, he added. According to sources there were about 700 employees, who had been illegally occupying CDA pool houses and quarters and this number was increasing, as none of the employees was ready to vacate their official residence after retirement. Some politicians are also backing this illegal occupation in order to get political mileage, creating hurdles in the way of smooth working of the CDA, he added. Its may be mentioned here that in the era of Kamran Lashari it was decided that as many as 4,000 residential houses and flats on ownership basis would be constructed in different sectors of the Capital for the employees of CDA and CDA board also gave approval to this effect in a special board meeting. However, official in planning directorate confided that the project was still in papers and so far no advancement has been made in this regard. When asked about any plan to pursue that project, he added, CDA has shelved this project owing to financial crises. He said in that board meeting setting up of community centre, a welfare shop, a marriage hall, bachelor hostels with separate ladies rooms and dispensaries in Ali Pur Farash and Bhara Kahu for its employees had been also approved, but so far it was a distinct dream. According to administration data in last one year the Authority has allotted 400 accommodations out-of-turn by ignoring general waiting list. During last one year approximately 213 houses had been allotted to those who even did not submit application for the accommodation and succeeded to get government houses on recommendation letters and telephone calls made from politicians and later submitted the applications just to fulfil legality. Another business that is in the full swing is the role of middlemen in the whole process of getting possession of accommodation, mostly doing by the young politicians and office bearers of political parties on city chapter level. CDA that is meant to provide affordable accommodation to citizens now even finding it difficult to accommodate its own employees, General Secretary CDA Labour Union Chaudhary Yasin lamented. CDA Spokesperson Ramzan Sajid while commenting on the situation said that the ban was imposed to ensure transparency and merit in allotments. He said Authority have been confronting the gigantic issue of affordable accommodation for employees as well as citizens. He said CDA had been considering various options including to pursue those employees to vacate their accommodations who had get plots in the Capital also a special quota would also be reserved for employees in Kuri Model Village.