LAHORE - The contractors of all the parking stands of the metropolis are overcharging and fleecing the motorists unchecked by doubling parking fees without any approval of authorities concerned and in violation of contract terms of City District Government Lahore (CDGL), a survey conducted by TheNation shows. The unannounced raise in the parking fees from Rs5 to 10 for motorcycles and from Rs10 to 20 for all the four wheelers by the contractors of almost all the CDGs approved parking stands are functioning across the city. The recent surged proved another bombshell for the citizens, who already are suffering from skyrocketing prices of daily use commodities. The sudden increase in fees not only enhances worries of the motorists but also led various scuffles incidents among the contractors and vehicle owners after exchange of harsh words. Moreover, the contractors and their employees were of the view that they compelled to increase fees due to unstoppable price hike in the country. The contractors of parking stands were of the view that Rs5 and Rs10 as parking fees fixed by the government for motorcycles and cars respectively neither is justified nor is sufficient in order to meet their daily expenditures particularly wages of staff, income tax and their personal expenses as well. While justifying overcharging for parking fees, they said that the contractors had to pay millions of rupees to the CDG as contractual money per annum and it was hard to collect and earn such huge amount from these parking stands. Therefore, they were compelled to double the fees. According to them, parking stands is not a profitable business and they have to bear irreparable loss if they follow the CDG rules and terms of contracts. An employee of a parking stand at Hall Road, Abdul Hameed, told this scribe that they were actually subcontractors because the contractors further had leased out the parking spaces on daily basis instead of paying them salary or daily wages and were getting fixed amount from them daily. In case we fail to pay such amount to the contractors, they start using abusive language, he said. He said the contractors were very influential and forced them to overcharge by overwriting the original fees on the parking tokens approved and stamped by the authorities. When contacted, DO Public Facility Department Chaudhry Abdul Shakoor Asif said the department was taking action against the contractors involved in overcharging and dozens of contracts had already been cancelled besides imposition of heavy fines on some others. He mentioned that although there was no mechanism to monitor the illegal activity.