KARACHI - Linguistic violence between Balochs of Lyari and Urdu-speaking people left at least 10 people dead in last three days while heavy contingents of law enforcers have rushed to Lyari to rescue the abducted citizens of rival linguistic groups. According to the reports, confrontation between the Lyari gangsters and other Urdu-speaking people flared up on Wednesday last when bodies of two MQM workers were found from adjacent areas of Lyari. Following the killing of MQM workers skirmishes boosted up between the rival groups while two bodies were found near Nazimabad Inquiry Office. Both were identified as operatives of Lyari Peace Committee. The above said cadres of LPC were abducted from Usmanabad area and later their tortured bodies were thrown at the said place. In retaliation of the killing of Baloch, armed men abducted some dozen people from different areas and took them to the Lyari where the victims were subjected to torture first and later their bodies were found from different areas of Lyari. Sources privy to the matter told that as many as dozen people have picked up from the surroundings of Lyari and all of them kept in detention by Lyari gangsters. Police sources said that those picked up were either working in the small industries or passing through Lyari and were not affiliated with any political parity. It is pertinent to mention here that heavy contingents of police and rangers get into the different areas of Lyari including Att Chowc, Rakser Line and other parts of Lyari but were unable to start the search operation because of the resistance. Sources said the gangsters got the residents of the areas out of home and started protest on the arrival of police and rangers. In the aftermath of resistance by the residents, law enforces withdrew from the operation. Town police officer Lyari SP Rana Pervaiz Mehmood when contacted declined to know abductions of common citizens and killing in Lyari while confirmed the recovered bodies from different areas of the Lyari. He also declined the participation of police in the operation assumed by the rangers.