The political authorities of North Waziristan have completed various development projects, which will help improve the living standards of the communities of the agency. A press release issued by the Directorate of Information here on Monday, FATA Secretariat stated that flood protection walls have been constructed for the communities of Mamoor Kot Spalga of North Waziristan. People in these areas depend on agricultural lands as a source of income and livelihood, and the devastating floods pose serious threats to the fertile lands and farming practices of the poor communities. At the request of Mamoor Khan, community elder, the Political Administration prioritized and constructed a flood protection wall measuring 500 meters in length to save hundreds of acres of land, livestock and human life from flooding. This project will benefit approximately 6400 individuals, including 600 students and 18 teachers of the nearby boys high school. The press release added that the Political Administration of North Waziristan has also completed a drinking water supply system for the community of Syed Nawaz Kot Danday, Miranshah Tehsil. The drinking water system was completed by boring a 107-meter dugwell, providing pumping machinery, constructing an overhead storage tank of 2000 gallons and a 914-meter long water distribution system. The scheme was completed by a local contractor, which will benefit 3200 individuals of the local community. The local community and village elders participated in the planning and execution stages of the work, which resulted in timely and high-quality work completion. The political authorities have called upon the inhabitants of North Waziristan to help maintain these projects and to extend their cooperation in implementing other such work in their areas as this will bring prosperity to all local tribes. In response, the communities of the area thanked the government for responding positively to their dire need for land and property protection and drinking water. They extended their full cooperation and support to the government authorities in maintenance of law and order and development of the area. They expressed hope and confidence that people would engage in farming activities on their lands and become self-sufficient and pursue livelihood opportunities locally.