ISLAMABAD (APP) - PPP Central Information Secretary Fauzia Wahab on Sunday criticised PML-N Quaid Nawaz Sharif for not paying back Rs 4 billion loan. Why Nawaz family is not paying back its loan worth Rs 4 billion. Why they are playing hide and seek with the law to avoid payment of the loan, she said. Fauzia Wahab was commenting on the press conference of Nawaz Sharif held in London in which he criticised the top leadership of PPP. She also referred to the Hudaibia Paper Mills case and transfer of $ 140 million abroad, asking is there no reality in the case and urged Nawaz Sharif to tell the whole truth to the nation. The PPP Information Secretary said that Rs 8 billion were spent on the construction of road leading to Raiwind especially when the nation is facing devastation caused by the recent floods and other problems. She said PPP always respected the judiciary and worked for its independence, rule of law and supremacy of the Parliament. Fauzia expressed the confidence that PPP would succeed in steering the country out of crisis.