ISLAMABAD - The Government has backed out from many of its promises made to flood affected farmers, including the provision of diesel, electricity, fertiliser, seed and pesticides and now the growers are on their own for revival. The Government, during and after the flood days, had announced that it would help the affected farmers by providing them free of cost inputs so that they could cultivate their land and stand up on their own feet again. But now it has backed out from many of the promises made to them and not willing to provide anything other than seed and urea fertiliser, which also seem not possible. Market sources told TheNation that the Government still had not provided them seeds as wheat-sowing time had reached but they were still waiting for the Governments nod as to what it was planning to do. President Agri Forum Pakistan Ibrahim Mughal, while talking to TheNation, said that the Government must help farmers in this situation otherwise they would not be able to revive economically. Most of them are also not in a position to invest on their own. He said that Rs. 20,000 for the affected farmers was not enough, as they had lost everything in the flood so it was the responsibility of the Government to support them in this time of crisis. The Govt, if it was sincere about doing something, could produce 27 million tons of wheat this year. Mughal said that just paying Rs 1000 per 40kg support price of wheat to farmers was not enough in the given conditions. , and the Government would have to take some other steps as well. Some other sources said that farmers were not even getting paid the Rs 20,000 that was announced by the Prime Minister as the amount to be paid to each affected family. The sources said that the absence of the Government could be felt noticeably when its presence was needed the most. The Government has also turned deaf ears over the demand of the flood affected farmers that their loans must be written off as they were the victim of a natural calamity and poor management of the Governments departments.