LAHORE - Peace in South Asia could not be ensured without resolving the Kashmir issue, while the people of Kashmir would not accept any option for the Held Valley other than the complete independence, say leaders of Jammu Kashmir Student Liberation Front (JKSLF-Yasin Malik Group). They expressed these views while addressing a seminar titled 'Wahdat Kashmir Conference at Lahore Press Club on Sunday. JKSLF chairman, Engineer Zahid, Chaudary Akram, Shaukat Maqbool Butt and eminent lawyer Dr Basit Khan attended the seminar. Kashmiri student leaders said that they fully aware of the conspiracies against the Kashmir cause and they would not let any party and individual to sabotage the cause. They condemned the detention of JKLF chief, Yasin Malik and demanded immediate release of the Kashmiri leader. The Kashmir conference presented several resolutions on this occasion. In a resolution they demanded that India and Pakistan should demilitarise the Valley and let the Kashmiris to decide their fate. They demanded that construction of educational institutions in Azad Jammu Kashmir should be taken up on most immediate basis in order to provide the students an opportunity to continue their education. Gilgit-Baltistan is the part of the State of Jammu and Kashmir historically and a Kashmiri representative national government should be formed by including GB in it, another resolution demanded. They demanded through a resolution that efforts regarding painting the Kashmir freedom struggle as a religious movement should be discouraged, as it is purely a nationalist movement. Kashmiri student leaders demanded through another resolution that Kashmir Studies should be made part of the syllabus, while Kashmir Text Book Board should be established. Mangla Dam and Kohala Hydel Projects should be handed over to the Kashmiri people, as the stated projects are the part of Kashmirs natural resources, they demanded through another resolution.