Two things that bother me most are: what does the PPP do to its Jiyalas to command their loyalty and what deals have been made with the opposition to soften their stance. Despite the rising cost of living, gross negligence of rules, violation of SC orders, mismanagement, massive corruption and hundreds of other things, neither the Jiyalas nor the cronies of PPP have given up their support. They know that with the fall of this government, their political journey will come to an end unless a leader of Bhuttos stature is reborn to revive PPP. I dont see even a faint touch of Bhutto or BB in Bilawal. PPP still managed to score a win in bye-election, even when Dasti was humiliated so badly in public at the disclosure of his fake degrees. What makes PPP leaders always joke about corruption and rule of law? Nawaz Sharif on the other hand, is always humble in his tone and so are other PML-N leaders. AMJAD H. MIRZA, Lahore, October 14.