PESHAWAR - The Government has made it clear that no officer who has taken benefit from National Reconciliation Ordinance (NRO) in any capacity will be promoted to the next grade. Sources said that the decision not to promote NRO-benefited officers to the next grades has been taken ahead of the scheduled meeting of the concerned department for discussing the promotions. The meeting of Central Selection Board will be held on October 26th to discuss promotion of grade-20 and grade-21 officers. The meeting will review the cases with regard to promotion of over 100 officers of different groups including police, DMG, Secretariat, OMG, Railways, Excise and Customs, Accounts and others. The Establishment Division has asked all the four provinces to submit annual confidential reports of all those officers who are seeking promotions, besides the record of investigation by NAB if necessary. The meeting will also be attended by Chief Secretaries and IGPs of the four provinces.