NEW YORK (Agencies) Testing nuclear weapon has not enhanced Indias national security, Indias veteran diplomat and Congress leader Mani Shankar Aiyar has said, noting that Pakistan also acquired the atomic bomb within three weeks after the Pokhran II, Zee News reported on Sunday. We had a strong conventional military advantage over Pakistan...the minute we became a nuclear weapon took Pakistan three weeks to become a nuclear weapons power themselves, Aiyar said, who is at the United Nations to speak on the issue of nuclear disarmament. On the necessity of having nuclear bombs since Pakistan had them, Aiyar told PTI that Indias security had not been enhanced by acquiring these weapons. He said India always remained in the vanguard of the movement for nuclear disarmament but lost its traditional position on the issue in the past 22 years as it had to conform to the voices of other nuclear powers, the Congress leader said. Even since we have become a nuclear weapon power ourselves ... there seems to be a certain ambiguity as to how pro-active we should be in regard to nuclear disarmament, Aiyar told the agency. Responding to whether the new US-Russia agreement to cut down their nuclear arsenal would move the world towards fuller disarmament, Aiyar said, Its good but its not disarmament. It is the reduction of hostility between the two powers who share between them perhaps 90 percent of the entire nuclear arsenal of the world, he added. It is a reflection of the reduction of the danger of nuclear war breaking out between these two major powers.