LAHORE - The upcoming strategic dialogue with the US should be based on a concrete agenda with meaningful results rather than a media show, says PML-N central leader and chairman Soch, a think tank, Muhammad Mehdi. Speaking at a press conference on Sunday, he said that a positive change in the US standpoint on civil nuclear deal with Pakistan would establish utility of talks between the two countries starting from October 21. He further said that the exercise would be a time gaining device for Washington if it continued to deny signing a civil nuclear deal with Islamabad one that it had earlier inked with New Delhi. When asked to explain who would be gaining the time, he said the US had earlier ditched Pakistan after accomplishing its agenda in the first Afghan war by defeating former Soviet Union and the super power could repeat its act of 1980s after the ongoing war on terror would be over in which again Islama-bad was playing a very crucial role. He said that Washington had promised to invest money in our tribal areas but, as the present situation did not allow the investment, it should be diverted to other parts of the country. He said America had agreed to accept duty free exports from tribal area projects and the opportunity should be given to our textile products as far as the FATA belt was not in a position for exports to the US markets. Recalling the US promise of helping Pakistan overcome its grave energy crisis but in long and short term plans, he regretted that Washington voted against Islamabad when the latter was seeking World Bank loan for its Thal Coal project. He said the US also failed to accomplish its promise of extending short-term help to overcome the energy crisis by providing its power-generating ships. Muhammad Mehdi asserted that the US and Europe should play a pro-active role to resolve all deep-rooted issues between Pakistan and India according to the UN Security Council resolutions.