LAHORE - Despite the fact that the government has raised, substantially, the budgetary allocation for the Punjab Police Department, the extensive chart of crime statistics depicts an alarming surge in all categories of crime over the last nine months of the current year against the corresponding period last year. The crime against persons and property, the incidents of murder, attempt-to-murder, kidnapping-for-ransom, rape, gang-rape, dacoity, robbery, burglary and vehicles snatching and the number of Proclaimed Offenders (POs) and Court Absconders (CAs) have shot up dramatically across the Punjab province, revealed the police sources and some official documents on Sunday. The incidents of vehicle theft/snatching, cell-phones snatching, fatal incidents and general crimes are mocking the police performance while the police and other law enforcement agencies are only busy in beating the drums regarding busting notorious criminal gangs and rounding up individuals indulging in vehicle snatching and other crimes. In spite of the constitution of rapid response centres, anti-car-lifting cells, anti-dacoity cells, citizen police liaison committees, Mohafiz squads, blocking snatched mobile cells and anti-terrorist squad the law enforcement agencies have miserably failed to grasp the situation across the province. However, the 'conjurers in the Police Department, through the sleight of hand, compile the collective data in such a manner that always shows - minor but decrease in crime. The data (From January to September 2010) collected furnished by an anonymous Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) working at Central Police Office (CPO) shows that a total of 41,367 incidents of crime against persons took place in 2010 so far against the 40,370 such incidents last year. The difference was calculated of 997 incidents and the crime increased by two percent. The incidents regarding gang rape increased by 17 percent in nine months with difference of 26 incidents as total 157 women were victimized of gang rape in 2009 while the lives of 183 women have been spoiled in corresponding period in 2010 so far, official documents say. The rape cases also increased by 12 percent with a difference of 211 as 1807 incidents took place in 2009 while 2018 such unpleasant incidents occurred in 2010 till filing of this report. The kidnapping/abduction shot up by 14 percent with a difference of 1,276 as total 10,482 people were abducted in 2010 so far while the number was 9,206 in the corresponding period last year. The crime against property however increased by eight percent and difference was reported 5238 as 67578 incidents took place in 2009 while 72816 incidents occurred in 2010 during nine months. According to official documents, a total of 4,502 people were butchered in nine months of 2009 while 4,682 people were killed in corresponding period of new-year with a difference of 180 people and the crime increased by four percent. Total of 5,590 incidents of attempt-to-murder took place in 2010, against 5,325 such incidents 2009. The difference was reported at 265 and the crime increased by five percent. The dacoity (395 PPC) cases increased by 11 per cent, robberies (PPC 392) by 12 percent, MV snatching by 15 per cent, burglary by 9 per cent, extortion (382 PPC) by 13 percent, MV theft by 28 percent and other theft cases were increased by 4 percent during over the last nine months. The number of POs increased by 11 percent while the number of ACs shot up by 33 percent in the current year. The documents further show that no less than 1,812 cases of dacoity bids, 10,789 cases of robbery, about 3,761 cases of MV Snatching, 8,923 cases of burglary, 1,539 of extortion, 10,428 of MV Theft and 23,205 cases of other theft were reported during the last year while over the last nine month of the current year, the numbers of all such in all such nature were - 12093, 4325, 9696, 1742, 5783, 13346 and 24222 cases. As per official documents, the number of POs also increased by 11 percent as about 55,704 POs were reported from January to September last year while 62,019 POs emerged this year with reported difference of 6,315. The documents say as many as 2,5357 CAs were reported roaming across the Punjab from January to September last year while the ratio has increased by 33 percent as about 33,816 CAs have been reported this year. According to official figures, the police encounters with gangsters however decreased by 1 percent as cases that were 215 in 2009 decreased to 212. During this span of time, 32 police officers/jawans embraced shahadut with sharp increase by 60 percent as total 20 officials were martyred in last year and 57 got injured in these encounters while 168 outlaws were killed and 175 arrested.