All the 33 Chilean miners trapped for over two months under the 2,041-feet gold and copper mine were rescued on October 13 with the President Sebastian Pinera himself supervising the rescue operation. The miners foreman Luis Urzua coming out as the last man from under the deepest cave, refused to see light of the day unless his all companions come out, safe and sound. The entire Chilean nation, its President and the heroes of hero, Luis Urzua, deserve appreciation. Most important were the messages of the men facing death from under the mines to their government and people in which they had requested better education for their children. The Pakistan army has displayed a similar passion in rescuing the people in the recent floods and the devastating October 2005 earthquake. They are doing their best in fighting the menace of terrorism and guarding the frontiers, but the political government at the helm of affairs, busy in rampant corruption, political wheeling dealing and what is more is ready to confront judiciary. It is refusing to give up its bad ways. The UNs humanitarian ambassador, Angelina Jolie, has narrated with pain the sufferings of the flood-stricken people of Pakistan. The rulers were only offering her sumptuous dinners and giving her precious gifts without doing anything for the flood victims. Thats why Secretary Clinton has asked to withhold aid money besides urging the Pakistani rich to channel their capital for peoples good. From President Sebastian Pinera to a miner in Chile have demonstrated nationhood. The spirit was as if the 33-miners were 'everybodys baby, but who would in Pakistan make us believe as to whom we belong to? F Z KHAN, Islamabad, October 16.