PPPs delaying tactics vis--vis the judiciary and the poor manner in which every government department is being led is a source of discomfort for Pakistani public. The government must give up this disastrous course of action and respect the orders of the Apex Court. The Nation would be grateful to them for obeying the rule of law. It is incumbent upon the PPP-led dispensation not to repeat the past mistakes and instead it must get rid of the cronies of the President who are misguiding him. It is also time for MQM to leave the government as they cannot both condemn it and be a part of it at the same time. MQM must also shoulder the blame for the deteriorating state of affairs for the past two years and even before when they were part of the coalition government of General Musharraf. The PML-N must also consider the role of friendly opposition it has been playing so far because the government has been taking that support for granted. It is also suggested that Chaudrys of Gujrat extend a hand of friendship to the PML-N in larger interest of the nation. This would also serve as a compensation for their alliance with General Musharraf. Given the corruption scandals that have surfaced regarding the Benazir Income Support Programme and Waseela-e-Haq type of welfare schemes that are funded from peoples taxes and which are also being used to increase the vote bank of the PPP. Pakistan is not anyones jagir. HAIDER SHAH, Jhang, October 15.