ISLAMABAD Reluctance to implement Board of Directors decision and frequently changing management at Oil and Gas Company Limited (OGDCL) have caused panic among hundreds of young engineers/earth scientists. Fate of these hundreds of young engineers/earth scientists is still unconfirmed despite more than six years of service. Well-placed official sources in OGDCL revealed that there was no concrete policy regarding promotion related to ME-1-s grade. In 2004 hundreds of trainee officers in various disciplines (Geologists, Geophysists, Mud/Drilling Engineers) were hired through adopting due process of recruitment of one year training at Oil and Gas Training Institute (OGTI) and as per advertisement after successful completion of training, they were said to be considered for regular appointment in Executive Group-II plus one advance increment along with other fringe benefits. However, after getting one year training, on 29th September 2005, Raziuddin, Managing Director introduced new and unique clean payroll system and inducted these trainee officers in new grade (ME-1) as regular employees of OGDCL. But OGDCL management contradictory to its earlier commitment, completely failed to extend benefits of regular officers like technical pay, house rent advance, conveyance advance, house building advance etc to them and did nothing to strengthen and promote this skilled as well as trained human resource asset of the country. Available documents with TheNation reveal that on August 24, 2007, OGDCL Directorate of Human Resources announced to raise 20percent pay package in its decision and declared that Chairman & Chief Executive Officer and BoD in line with earlier decision had approved the salary adjustment and other financial incentive package for the officers of the company making their salary structure comparable to the market. Though salary package and career enhancement of the officers employed on contract basis were also considered yet these young engineers remained denied of incentives. Similarly, in 2010, another ten percent raise in pay package was announced but above said officers remained deprived once again. It is interesting to note that ME-I officers have 6 years experience with the company however their fate is still unsure. Even they are being treated equivalent to EG-I officers on low salary package while recently in September 2010, OGDCL is said to have hired about 400 officers of same category in various disciplines with 1-3 years experience in EG-II on 2 years contract with basic pay of 45,000 rupees and with all other benefits. These newly inducted officers have been awarded EG-II grade (senior level post) on contract basis and are getting Rs 45,000 with other benefits. Most of them are said to have got training from above said ME-I officers under National Internship Programme (NIP). Further in 2006, OGDCL inducted new officers with same qualification and experience on 2 years contract in CE-2-S grade and Rs 25,800 as basic pay was offered along with other benefits while officers under ME-I-S grade were being offered 16,000 rupees as basic pay. Similarly, in 2008, OGDCL once again inducted new officers (engineers/earth scientists) with same qualification on 2 years contract in EG-I grade and were offered extra pay than ME-I. One of these young engineers/explorers while talking to TheNation on the condition of anonymity said, Engineers with same expertise in private sector are getting six time extra package than us but we are being deceived by OGDCL management repeatedly. If OGDCL cannot regularise us then it should give us our due perks and privileges and set us free to search new job. He informed that the company has taken a bond of hefty amount from them at their joining times and bounded them for five years with the company. He was of the view that they had worked hard day and night to discover more and more but OGDCL management has never fulfilled its commitments and has also taken hefty fines from those who left the company before completing five years as was conditioned in that bond. It is worth mentioning that OGDCL management is still reluctant to implement decisions of its Board of Directors 89th, 90th and 112th meeting where BoD has clearly approved integration of contractual officers into the regular employment of the company and allowed perks and benefits as admissible to regular employees. Though BoD also asserted to implement its decision vide resolution no. 892 and 916 in letter and spirit and advised to constitute management committees to assess the performance of the officers on contract yet fate of young engineers/earth scientists is in doldrums. Exploration Section of OGDCL has made this organisation a profiteering one keeping in view their discoveries in last five years that have also made it one of the best exploration company of the world. Similarly, day-to-day strike calls of these ME-I officers (exploration section) have caused severely the working of OGDCL. Several attempts were made to get OGDCL management version but all remained in vein.