LAHORE - The Lahore Naan and Roti Association has increased prices of Naan, Khameeri Roti and Roti in violation of the rates fixed by the City District Government Lahore (CDGL).

The association has also distributed new price lists among the shopkeepers across the city. As per the self-controlled new price list, they have fixed Rs 10 for 100 gram Naan and Khameeri Roti and Rs 8 for Roti.

The office bearers of the association, taking plea for raise in the prices, said that the increase in the prices of flour, natural gas and other things had compelled them to increase the prices of the end products.

They told this scribe that they had increased the prices of Naan and Roti in July 2014 but the rates could not be implemented because a number of shopkeepers were not agreeing with the new prices fixed by the association. “Now all the shopkeepers are agreed and have started following the new rate list issued by the association”, the association workers added.

According to a survey, conducted by The Nation, of different shops, some shopkeepers are still selling Roti for Rs 6 and Naan for Rs 8. These shopkeepers said that they were charging the customers for both Roti and Naan of 100 gram, while for 125 gram they were charging Rs 8 and Rs 10 respectively.

Meanwhile, the City District Government Lahore issued new updated price list on Friday and fixed Rs 8 per Naan and Khameeri roti of 100 gram and Rs 6 per roti of 100 gram. In this regard, a CDGL spokesman said that the district administration would initiate action against the shopkeepers, who are violating the rate lists issued by the government.