The ‘White Cane Day’ for the blind is celebrated every year on October 15 to show the achievements gained by these handicapped people and to remind people how the white cane plays an important role in helping the blind. Blind people have used canes as mobility tools for centuries, but it was not until after World War 1, that the white cane was introduced. The first special white cane ordinance was passed in December 1930 in Peoria, Illinois granting blind pedestrians protections and the right of way while carrying a white cane. Blindness is a growing problem and we have around two million people who are blind. In Pakistan, the first Non-Profit and Non-Governmental Organization ‘Pakistan Foundation Fighting Blindness’ (PFFB) was registered in 1988 and worked for visually impaired people. It is hoped that even more is done in the future to help the visually impaired lead better lives.


Lahore, October 14.