LAHORE - Federal Kashmir Affairs Minister Barjees Tahir has said India does not want the CPEC to be completed, so it was employing every means through ‘RAW’ to foil this project which is very vital for the economic development of the country.

Addressing the Lahore High Court Bar Association here yesterday, Barjees Tahir said RAW was fully involved in creating unrest and destabilising Pakistan to stop the country from completing the CPEC. However, he said, the government was fully aware of the Indian designs and how it was acting to achieve its nefarious objectives against the country through RAW. The minister said Indian conspiracies were well in the knowledge of the government which was prepared to foil them.

The minister said solution to the Kashmir problem was the top most priority of the government as Pakistan very rightly understood that without resolving this issue, a lasting peace and prosperity in the region was impossible. He said the government wanted the dispute to be resolved peacefully under the UN resolutions while at the same it was not closing its eyes to what India was doing.

The minister termed the Indian claims of surgical strikes false and said Pakistan was capable of meeting any such action from across the border. He said the Indian assertions of surgical strike inside the Pakistani territory on Kashmir side had been proved false.

Barjees Tahir, on the civil and military relationship at the moment, said they were exemplary and said those who dreaming of toppling the government could see that the army and the government were on the same page on every issue and both were going along to see the country making progress.