ISLAMABAD: An instagram photo of a chai wala in Islamabad taken by aspiring photographer Jiah Ali went viral on social media platforms not because of his flavorsome tea but for his eye-catching and debonair looks.

Overnight, chai wala became top Twitter trend with girls going mad after the latest internet crush.

Netizens from different countries have been observed admiring his outstanding good looks and dashing personality.

His stunning high-fashioned supermodel appearance with blue eyes while pouring tea has forced the people to take to Twitter, wishing he can get some modeling contract.

The real name of internet fame holder chai wala is Arshad Khan, who works at Sunday Bazaar (Peshawar Chowk) near vegetable area.

Arshad Khan, brother of 17 siblings, expressed his ecstasy on becoming famous in one day.

Talking to media, he said that he is happy with his overnight popularity but it is irritating when people gather around him for pictures during working hours as he is supposed to work to earn livelihood.

Moreover, he said that people have taken more than 150 pictures with him so far.