OKARA - The PML-N leadership has promoted the culture of positive politics and has always responded politely provocative behaviours of the rivals.

PML-N MNA Ch Riazul Haq stated during a media talk here the other day. He claimed that only the PML-N leadership can materialised the dream of making Pakistan an Asian Tiger, adding that the party leadership is working hard for development and have managed to put back the country on the track, leading towards prosperity. “China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will not only eliminate the economic difficulties being faced by the nation but the investment, being put in the energy sector, will also pull Pakistan out of the energy crisis,” he pointed out, adding that the project will also create a lot of opportunity for the skilled workers.

To a question about local bodies system, he said that the PML-N is a big political party and believes in democratic norms, adding that the LB system would soon be made functional.