LAHORE - Speakers at an NPT cceremony said yesterday that Sir Syed Ahmad Khan was a personality who truly inserted thirst for knowledge into Muslims minds.

“He was the true well-wisher of the Muslim community who fought his life for them,” the speakers said at Quaid e Azam Library, on 199th birth anniversary of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.

Parliamentary secretary for information and culture Rana Muhammad Arshad was the chief guest on the occasion while Mujib-ur-Rehman Shami presided over the sitting. Speakers included Qayyum Nizami, grand-grandson of Syed Ahmad Khan Syed Muhammad Asadullah, Libraries DG Dr Zaheer Ahmad Babur, Farzana Shaheen, Afzaal Rehan and Prof Mazar Alam.

People from different walks of life participated in the seminar.

Rana Arshad said that we would continue remembering Sir Syed who sacrificed his energies for Muslim future.

Mujib-ur-Rehman Shami said that the country we are living in was founded by Sir Syed in the real sense. He said that we should celebrate 2017 as the year of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan.

Qayyum Nizami said that we could not forget sacrifices of our heroes. Quaid e Azam, Allama Iqbal, and Sir Syed Ahmad Khan were the leaders who gifted us dear homeland, he added.

Sir Syed Asadullah said that the Sir Syed Foundation was delivering true message of his great grandfather to a new generation.

Dr Zaheer Ahmad Babur said that Sir Syed was the first personality in the south Asia who truly urged the Muslims to get English and scientific education.

The speakers also remebered Nawab Mohsinul Mulk, who was the right hand of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan and played a pivotal role to make Ali Garh movement a success story.

Nawaz Mohsinul Mulk was posted as Joint secretary for All India Muslim League in 1906. His services for the Muslims of India could not be ignored.