ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf has lost all their hopes from the National Assembly as both the references filed by them in the National Assembly got rejected.

The party members have now decided to appeal in Islamabad High Court against the rejection of their references in Prime Minister’s disqualification case.

Earlier, Speaker National Assembly Ayaz Sadiq Ayaz rejected the references and stated that these references fail to comply with the constitution. Moreover, Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) will also have no power to reopen the reference or alter the speaker’s ruling.

On PTI’s behalf, the notable lawmaker Hamid Khan has drafted the outline of the appeal and which will soon be filed in Islamabad High Court after the signatures of the party members.

PTI leader Hamid Khan was of the opinion that by rejecting our references, Speaker National Assembly has lopsidedly acted over the matter. He affirmed that an appeal will soon be filed in Islamabad High Court.