ISLAMABAD - Ministry of Interior yesterday extended policing powers of Rangers in Karachi for another 90 days.

On the request of Sindh government, the federal ministry issued a notification of powers extension, with effect from October 18, which enables the paramilitary troops to exercise their special powers under Anti Terrorism Act, 1997.

The spokesman of the interior ministry said this time matter relating to extension in Rangers’ powers in Karachi was settled amicably and through mutual coordination.

Earlier, the Rangers mandate had remained a bone of contention between federal and Sindh governments. The latter wanted the Rangers to keep their operations confined to Karachi and also wanted the force take permission each time it carries out a raid at some government department.

The Sindh Assembly had also passed a resolution asking the federal government to extend the powers of paramilitary force with some limitations.

However, the federal government had ignored the request of the Sindh government with the announcement that Rangers would remain deployed in Karachi with powers given under the ATA and no bar would remain in place over its functions.

Sources said the powers of Rangers have only been extended to operate in Karachi.