BENAULIM: China blocked India's attempts to name JeM and LeT in the Goa Declaration , wherein the Brics member states pledged to "relentlessly pursue" outfits designated terrorist groups by the UNSC, but what has hurt the government more, official sources said, is Russia's disinclination to argue India's case, Times of India reported today.

The result, of course, was a declaration which failed to address India's core concern, or the issue of state-sponsored terrorism. What compounded the matter for India was Russia's recent joint military drills with Pakistan in the form of an anti-terror exercise.

In current global power play, Russia is increasingly seen as needing China more than the other way round, but Moscow's support to Beijing's position on an issue related to India's security has still come as a revelation to New Delhi.

While Russia did not help India name-check JeM in the declaration, it ensured that Syria-based Jabhat al-Nusra was.

With Russia doing precious little for India, China has managed to shield Pakistan not only at the UN Security Council but also at a multilateral summit on Indian soil.

The Goa Declaration came just a day after President Vladimir Putin assured PM Narendra Modi that Russia would do nothing to hurt India's interests. But, as MEA secretary Amar Sinha admitted, there was no consensus on naming alleged Pakistan-based terror groups because other nations are not affected by their actions.