The purpose of writing this letter is to spread awareness among the public regarding the cutting down of trees. This practice, which is essentially illegal, has immense side effects on human life as well as the environment. Although a lot of trees have been marked safe by the government, but for the purpose of selling wood, people cut down these trees anyway. As a result, the geographical landscape suffers. 

This situation leads to the question; if trees play a vital part in taking in pollution from the atmosphere and converting it into oxygen, then way are we cutting them down? Due to the lack of trees, numerous localities suffer from a high concentration of dust particles in the air which leads to  breathing problems, lung diseases, and allergies such as bronchitis etc. The solution to this urgent problem is to plant more trees, and restrict the illegal practice. It is my request to appropriate authorities that they take serious action against the culprits, and promote a healthier environment. 

Muhammad Bakhtiyar 

Turbat, October 14, 2016